What a BEACH-in’ wreath! – DIY beach themed yarn wreath

Who doesn’t love the beach? We only live about 20 minutes from it. 20 minutes too far, I say. Here’s my way of bringing a little bit of beach home!


I used the same technique in making my DIY  Valentine yarn wreath.  Here’s the tutorial.


I yarn for you…

What kinds of themed wreaths have you made (yarn or otherwise)?

Valentine’s yarn wreath

My home is aching for some Valentine’s decor. Actually, I am aching to make my home more Valentine-y. It gives me a little outlet to bring out the girly-girl in me. Would you believe it? This project cost me zero doll hairs!


It could be a blue light special up in here for you if you opt to make your own wreath form! Even more satisfying for me is that I used up a lot of little bits of yarn. I have too many little UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) and tiny balls of yarn. UFOs frogged and tiny balls of yarn miraculously disappeared thanks to this project!

And to be even more smug about the whole thing… I made it in a couple of hours. Boo yah!

I first discovered how to make the base from this youtube video from Hectanooga1 when I made this Halloween yarn wreath.  The possibilities in making these wreaths are wonderfully endless!

Let’s make this wreath!

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