Salt dough jewelry – Valentine earrings!

 IMG_4466Judging from my previous posts, I’m in love with Valentine’s! Or is it that I’m in love with the idea of being in love?


I’ve seen a ton of salt dough ornaments on Pinterest at Christmas time. The recipes to make them call for a lot of flour and salt. I’ll be sure to make some of those the next yuletide season. I have visions that every gift given from this household will have a precious salt dough ornament tag attached to it.

Since I only want to make a few  beads, I have a reduced the batch size significantly.

Let’s make these earrings!

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Conversation Heart Tree – Another Dollar Tree Hack!

I’ve been seeing these styrofoam cones embellished with all sorts of crafty tidbits all over the pinterwebs, and let me tell you styrofoam cones are not cheap. I refuse to pay $6.99 for a foam cone even with a 40% off coupon. Still not a deal. Who knew foam cones were a racket?! Just when I was completely dismayed by the whole thing,  lo and behold, cones at the Dollar Tree!

I have to say that I am enamored with the new Dollar Tree in the outskirts of the neighborhood! Now, don’t get me wrong, the Dollar Tree isn’t the end-all-be-all of cheap and convenient shopping. Case in point, heavy-duty foil from the Dollar Tree is far from heavy duty. I’m not even sure it is aluminum. Zip lock baggies have faulty zippers. Dishwashing gloves last maybe 2 sinks full of dishes before disintegration. I had to try… hey, you can’t fault a girl for being frugal!



Let’s hack the conversation heart tree!

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Valentine’s yarn wreath

My home is aching for some Valentine’s decor. Actually, I am aching to make my home more Valentine-y. It gives me a little outlet to bring out the girly-girl in me. Would you believe it? This project cost me zero doll hairs!


It could be a blue light special up in here for you if you opt to make your own wreath form! Even more satisfying for me is that I used up a lot of little bits of yarn. I have too many little UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) and tiny balls of yarn. UFOs frogged and tiny balls of yarn miraculously disappeared thanks to this project!

And to be even more smug about the whole thing… I made it in a couple of hours. Boo yah!

I first discovered how to make the base from this youtube video from Hectanooga1 when I made this Halloween yarn wreath.  The possibilities in making these wreaths are wonderfully endless!

Let’s make this wreath!

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