DIY Shrinky Dink Pendant – Pin Recreation #3

Several weeks ago, I created a pin board on Pinterest entitled “Pin it, Wear it” for a contest Favecrafts was hosting. I then challenged myself to re-create everything I pinned on to that board. I’ve deduced that I have some lofty goals, now that I’ve taken the time to review them. I’m a bit nervous.

So, you can just imagine when I picked this project, I thought this one was going to be ridiculously easy. And it is…once I found the right materials. Let me back up for a moment. For those of you who don’t know, a shrinky dink  is a piece of plastic that is decorated and then baked in an oven to which the plastic ends up being approximately 1/3 its original size and 9 times thicker. Mind boggling, I know. It’s amazing. I love it. It was invented sometime in the 70s.


I wanted this to be a truly upcycled project. I didn’t want to go buy a Shrinky Dink kit, or go to a bulk store and buy containers. I wanted to find a container that would’ve been thrown away. After weeks of looking at the bottom of every plastic container I had, I finally found one!


At the bakery section of Ralphs, the pumkin chocolate chip cookies container had #6 on it! Cookies and a shrink medium. We won twice that day!


Let’s shrink the dink!

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