My homage to Grumpy Cat – DIY Plush

Grumpy Cat Plushie


Grumpy Cat is the latest fav meme, right? Or am I a year or so late with that one like I was with the Angry Birds thing?

My younger begat saw a Grumpy Cat plushie at Michael’s last week and was all over it! Knowing my plushie making skillz, he asked me to make one for him. I told him the Grumpy Cat was going to look more cartoony if I made one and not like the one at Michaels. That notion didn’t phase him. As soon as the older begat heard I was making his little brother one, he had to have one, too. And oh, please make one for the cousin, so she doesn’t get left out.

I'm surrounded by nincompoops.

I’m surrounded by nincompoops.

On a side note, in a prior post I mentioned that I am not good at conjuring up something from nothing. That isn’t entirely true. I misspoke. But it’s not like I’m the President, or Ben Bernanke or Kanye.  I mean really, what I say won’t change immigration laws, sway the economy or trend on twitter.  So dare I restate that I CAN conjure something from nothing sometimes? I do. However, I feel more comfortable if there is a pattern or something I can use as an example in order for my project to come to fruition. A lot of my creations are inspirations from others and I’ve put my own flair or adjusted them to suit me.

Out of my comfort zone I went! With that being said, this is how I put together this little grumpy critter!

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Angry Birds Mighty Eagle – My DIY plushie


For some reason, my younger begat has a renewed obsession with all things Angry Birds. He said he wanted the Mighty Eagle stuffed animal for Christmas just about a week ago. It is the middle of July. He is very goal oriented!

So, on a whim I took a look at this Mighty Eagle he is occupying his mind with. These suckers are going for upwards of $900 on eBay!  Shut the front door! Does it come with a diamond ring? Does it come with a deed to an acre of property in the Florida Everglades? Is it signed by John Lennon?

I thought the Angry Birds thing was done! Maybe it is. Just not for my kid.

I told him I would make one. Surely there is a pattern out there. I’ll just take a look on Pinterest or google it. I would even pay for a pattern if I needed to. AND I never pay for patterns.


Not a single one. ANYWHERE! In ALL of the interwebs I could not find a pattern to save my life.

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