Angry Birds Mighty Eagle – My DIY plushie


For some reason, my younger begat has a renewed obsession with all things Angry Birds. He said he wanted the Mighty Eagle stuffed animal for Christmas just about a week ago. It is the middle of July. He is very goal oriented!

So, on a whim I took a look at this Mighty Eagle he is occupying his mind with. These suckers are going for upwards of $900 on eBay!  Shut the front door! Does it come with a diamond ring? Does it come with a deed to an acre of property in the Florida Everglades? Is it signed by John Lennon?

I thought the Angry Birds thing was done! Maybe it is. Just not for my kid.

I told him I would make one. Surely there is a pattern out there. I’ll just take a look on Pinterest or google it. I would even pay for a pattern if I needed to. AND I never pay for patterns.


Not a single one. ANYWHERE! In ALL of the interwebs I could not find a pattern to save my life.

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Japanese Knot Bag Upcycled From A Men’s Shirt


Japanese knot bag from men’s shirt

Check out my new little bag! Cute, huh? I love the Dickies pocket. It was a bit of a pain in the apple to construct though. More on that in a minute.

So a little about the shirt. Last labor day weekend, the begets and I went to a street fair in the old town section by where we live. There are a bunch of antique stores and vintage shops all over the town circle. A thrift shop caught my eye. Well, actually the guy yelling out the door “Everything’s a dollar!” was what got my attention. I bought this button down shirt, a pair of men’s camo pants, and a striped t-shirt all with the purpose of upcycling each item into something life altering.

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