Texters Gotta Text Fingerless Gloves


Here’s a pattern I came up with after watching an episode of Knitting Daily talking briefly about creating an “after thought thumb”. If you don’t know what that is…it will rock your knitting world! Ok, maybe not that extreme. Let me just say this, it will offer you an opportunity to make gloves and mittens without having to have 10,000 needles on your work, wonking up the pattern, and alleviate worries about such words like gusset.

Hurry up and make these because texters gotta text.

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Hootie booties – pin recreation #2

hoot8This is the 2nd project I’ve completed with my self-induced favecrafts.com 10 pin challenge. The winner will be me because I am the only one competing!

So here is the pinspiration if you want to know what I started with.

I made some modifications to the original pattern. Thusly,  I am renaming them from “Grandma’s knitted slippers” to “Hootie booties”!  The size medium would have been large enough to fit my hubby’s size 11.5 feet and they were too bunchy at the toe. That’s with having the right gauge (I actually measured this time).

I had visions of padding sashaying around the house in these while performing modern and worldly acts. They belonged to me for all of 2 hours. My youngest begat was upset with me because I attempted to dislodge a loose tooth from his mouth. As payment for my miserable failure, he purloined them from me. He put on two pairs of socks, slipped them on and proclaimed them his. Boo.

Let’s make these booties!

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