Doll Clothes for an American Girl or Doll Clothes for an American Girl who owns an 18 inch doll

Doll Clothes and a Felt Piggy

Doll Clothes and a Felt Piggy

My friend’s daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday! She mentioned once that she wanted clothes for her doll, but then changed her mind and said she’d like a gift card to one of her favorite clothing stores. And then she changed her mind again. She hasn’t decided what she wants to do in terms of a party either, much to her mother’s dismay. So when she does, I want to be ready.

Ahhhh, to be a 7 years old again!

I made these two outfits for her doll. I found the straight skirt pattern from Day Dream Doll Boutique. Recognize the fabric? It’s leftover scraps from the up-cycled men’s button down shirt into a Japanese knot bag I did a couple of weeks ago! I also made a door latch cover with it. I’ll save that for another post. The ruffle skirt was from a youtube tutorial from pinkiepinkgirl. Her blog is  She was featured in Sew Mama Sew so you know she’s legit! The fabric is left over tie dyed T-shirt that was incorporated into a T-shirt quilt for my niece. One of these days, I’ll write up a post on it. The tank top pattern came from Liberty Jane Patterns. The fabric is also left over t-shirts from previous t-shirt quilts.

I made little removeable flower pins and then hot glued some rhinestones on them. I’m sassy that way!

The felt piggy bank is from Dream A Little Bigger. This blogger gal is super rad at what she does. “Rad” just dated me, didn’t it? She is super crunk. How’s that?

The entire project cost me FREE dollars!

Now I can fill the piggy with some real dollars and she can do what she wants with it!

What projects have you made as gifts that cost you nothing to make?

Golf Club Covers and a pattern review

My begats’ school has an annual golf tournament as a major fundraiser each year. When they reached out to the students’ families for donations, I thought to offer my services in making a memory T-shirt quilt and a set of golf club covers. This is the first time I’ve ever volunteered to make something to go up for bid so it’s a bit nerve wracking.

I found this pattern for golf club covers on ravelry from Chris Knits in Niagra. She calls them “Wood Hoods”.  Here’s what I actualized:


Not too shabby, huh?!


Here’s my review:

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