Crochet edged fleece blanket and a product review

It was a friend’s birthday and I needed a gift to make quickly. One thing about having a reputation of being a crafter, there is a lot of pressure (that I put on myself) to create a present that is cute, useful and that is handmade while not looking homemade. Catch my drift?

My friend’s older begat and my older begat are on the same baseball team so I thought of making a stadium blanket with the team colors (red, white and blue). I ran into Walmart and saw this No-sew Microfleece Throw Kit – Baseball. edge9But rather than tie the ends in little knots (this is homemade to me…just sayin’), I decided to attach the two fleece sheets together with a crocheted edge (handmade to me, and by me, too!).

So here’s the review part of this post:

The blankets are super soft, not too thick yet very warm. I love that.

I don’t love how both pieces were not the same size. I especially don’t love how “they” (“they” are probably poor sweatshop kids in China. Now I feel bad.) left shredded selvages.


Assuming that this product is sold for the purpose of no-sew-cut-the-fringes-for-ages-5+, it would be natural to think the fabric would be ready to go right out of the box. Not the case. I had to trim about an inch on all sides on both  fabrics. And because they weren’t the same size to begin with (of course, I didn’t check that until after I trimmed up the both pieces of fabric), I had to trim them again to make sure it was square.

The box says that the blanket is for ages 5+, could be made in an afternoon, and it includes “everything you need to make this throw”. Let’s take these statements into consideration. A 5-year-old will need some help, even ones with really strong motor skills. I’d be interested in seeing what a 5-year-od would do to this blanket if left to their own devices. Start at noon because you’ll need time to trim the yucky edges on both pieces, and then match them up to trim again so that both pieces are the same size. Finally, the kit didn’t come with scissors or a ruler. So, it contains most of what is needed to complete the project. Seriously, not being obtuse about the whole thing; everything, to me, means all things.

Anyway, those are just minor annoyances and first world problems to this little project. Overall, I liked the fabric, its feel and the pattern on it.

Here’s the disclaimer part:

I am not affiliated with the company that sells or manufactures this item. I paid for this product with the intent to make a gift. I had thoughts about the product that I thought would be useful to future consumers. Ok, there.


On to the fun part! Let’s edge this blanket!

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