Leopard and Python Print Baby Scratch Mittens – Gotta love DIY


Leopard and Python Print DIY baby scratch mittens

I love a good DIY project especially if it involves upcycling!

My sister mentioned to me that her little ones’ hands are too petite for the scratch mittens that she has. By the end of her nap, one of them inevitably falls off leaving her perfect little face vulnerable. What to do?

Make your own! Duh!

As we mothers all know, commercial baby items are one of three things:

  • Princessy/pukey pinky girly girl overly fru fru
  • Snips/snails/trucks and dinosaur boy
  • In an attempt to not plop the child on one of the above extremes the result is boring androgynous green and yellow and mostly ducks

The crafty folk of the world unite to change gender rules! We won’t be limited to 10,ooo shades of pink versus only 2 shades of blue!  Baby scratch mittens shall not define our children’s gender to a slow to yield society! J/K

I just think there’s too much pink and blue in baby stuff and it’s refreshing to see other colors and patterns. Unexpected color combos and mix and match patterns are fun to see on a baby.

I used this pattern/tutorial I found on Pinterest from Speckled Owl Studios. It’s FREE!

I used a couple of my old sleep camis with the animal print for the mittens and for the wristbands I used the back of an old tank that has spandex in it (I used the front in a t-shirt quilt).  For the wristbands I strongly recommend using a knit with spandex or something super stretchy that will retain its shape. If it can stretch to double its length, you’ve got a winner! Give your self an hour and you can bust out two pairs!


Here are a couple more mittens I made modeled by my cutie niece. I’ve obscured her face in the pictures because you will be too smitten by her gorgeousness that the rest of the day will be rendered useless to you and then you’d blame me for your lack of productivity.



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