Angry Birds Mighty Eagle – My DIY plushie


For some reason, my younger begat has a renewed obsession with all things Angry Birds. He said he wanted the Mighty Eagle stuffed animal for Christmas just about a week ago. It is the middle of July. He is very goal oriented!

So, on a whim I took a look at this Mighty Eagle he is occupying his mind with. These suckers are going for upwards of $900 on eBay!  Shut the front door! Does it come with a diamond ring? Does it come with a deed to an acre of property in the Florida Everglades? Is it signed by John Lennon?

I thought the Angry Birds thing was done! Maybe it is. Just not for my kid.

I told him I would make one. Surely there is a pattern out there. I’ll just take a look on Pinterest or google it. I would even pay for a pattern if I needed to. AND I never pay for patterns.


Not a single one. ANYWHERE! In ALL of the interwebs I could not find a pattern to save my life.

So, in my effort to save his 1st semester’s tuition to college, I made up my own pattern. Mind you. I don’t make my own patterns. I am a very good direction follower. I thrive on copying something that has already been done and then fenagling it to make it my own. I don’t do the whole create something from nothing business. Not well, anyway.

Well here is the result!


I will spare you the copy of the pattern or a tutorial because I think it was two angel’s tears short of a miracle that it came together at all.

I will say this. I looked at a gangload of pictures and tried to find pictures of every angle of this eagle. I used remnant fleece from Joann’s. I embroidered the eyes and the nostrils. I stuffed it with left over poly fiberfill and a failed crochet project. The yarn was so difficult to work with that frogging was impossible. No salvaging it. Now I never have to look at the failure of that project again. It is now the bottom half of this eagle!

To all those who are direction followers and non-creators-from-nothing-to-s0mething I say, give it shot! You might surprise yourself!







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