Baby boy blue (and green and gray) crochet and knit blanket

thisI was recently commissioned to make a baby blanket for a darling young chap and was given a lot of leeway in terms of pattern, color and size. After a stint of analysis paralysis, I chose the “Beach Comber Baby Blanket” pattern from I found on ravelry.  Love this pattern! It’s one of those you can do while watching TV and you can make it however big you’d like.

I love the soft muted colors and the beachy feel to the whole thing. I’m imagining the little man snuggling up in his stroller with this blankey, I hope he loves it! Interestingly enough, I crocheted a good portion of it at two trips to the beach and two trips to the pool. Ack! What an ol’ biddy am I that I crochet and knit at the beach?! As Cartman would say from South Park “I do what I want!”

Unblocked, my finished piece measured 36×30. I chose to stop there since I ran out of green yarn. I used a size G hook using Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly Baby Sport in cobalt, dove grey and fresh green. I didn’t have quite a full ball of the green. I used all of the blue and the grey and used a little bit of another ball of blue for the I-cord trim. Since I carried the colors up the sides of my work (no weaving in ends – YAY!), I single crocheted all around the border and three single crochets in each corner.

I didn’t want something too frilly to trim this blanket. This was my first time using an attached I-cord to a project. I think it turned out very nicely! Using the loops from the single crochet around the border as my “picked up” stitches I used size 10 knitting needles. Initially I used size 8 but it made the stitches too tight and caused the piece to bunch up.  I used this youtube video by Kelley Petkun to learn how to knit the I-cord and this video also by Kelley on how to do a Kitchener stitch to finish off the I-cord. The Kitchener stitch makes the join almost invisible.

I love projects that incorporate both knitting and crochet! Keeps the skills sharp. You know, for when the zombies come.


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