DIY Contoured Burp Cloths


My sister had her baby on Friday! My darling niece is undoubtedly the most precious thing on earth…just thinking of her just makes me feel utter baby bliss! Of course, I’m sure every auntie feels this way of their newborn niece or nephew! But let me just say this…my uterus felt a little ache and breasts a slight tightness for another precious bundle of joy. As soon as I hand her back to her mama, though, that feeling gladly dissipates! I am overjoyed to be an AUNTIE this time around. Whew!

Right before I went to go be with my sister before she gave birth that evening, I found a bundle of flannel fat quarters I had bought a few weeks ago that I had forgotten about. My sister was dilated at only 4 cm and about an hour’s drive away, so I thought, I still have time, I can make something…HA! This is so my M.O.

I used this pattern from Cloud 9 Fabrics to make these contoured burp cloths. Simplest and easiest things to make, by golly. My variations:

  • I used flannel on both sides. One fat quarter can make one burp cloth.
  • Rather than clipping the rounded edges (both concave and convex – how often do you get to use those two words?) I just used my pinking shears and trimmed all the way around.
  • I top stitched about 1/4 inch from the edge.


I made 5 burp cloths in under an hour. Made them, changed to a photo worthy outfit (I’m not introducing myself to my new pedicure/shopping/crafting partner looking like a schlep), drove in some carmageddon traffic and still had plenty of time to spare before the little one was born!

I can’t wait for barf to be all over it!

What easy last minute gifts have you made that turned out a hit?

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