Ooh La La! – It’s a bridal Shower


In my previous post, I made mention of planning my little sister’s baby shower. Well, my other sister (who’s also younger than me) is getting married, and I got to plan her shower, too!

All these parties to plan! All these occasions to celebrate such wonderful new milestones!

Befitting to my sister’s personality, I went with “Ooh La La! Bride to be” theme! I found this very darling team room near my home. They are still a new establishment and their draw is that all the food and treats prepared are gluten and dairy free. Both my sisters are sensitive to the gluten stuff and my mom treats dairy like it has a personal vendetta against her. Personally, gluten and dairy are my best friends and almost anything containing one or both are great company! Regardless of the gluten and dairy controversy, the food was very tasty and I couldn’t tell the difference!

I found this particular paper pack at Michaels and it combines animal, damask and lacy prints. The paper pack was about $30. Yeah, a bit pricey for paper, but I was armed with my 40% off coupon, and I made more than 30 invitations, matching labels for the shower favors, and a matching banner (all of which I am excited to show you in a future post)! I still have a ton of paper left over. I think I have enough to make thank you note cards for my sister or she can use it for the scrap book she plans on making to chronicle her party.

I measured out the paper to fit the envelope, trimmed the corners on one end to make it look like a tea bag and cut a small square to make it look like the tea bag label. I did splurge on an eyelet puncher (had a coupon for that $30 contraption, too) and bought small black metal eyelets to embellish the invitation. I then tied the “you’re invited” label to the invitation with black string. I think the black eyelet added a nice little touch.

I also downloaded a free font. I’ll pay for nice paper. I draw the line at paying for fonts. And knitting/crochet patterns, too, for that matter. But that’s another post.

What kind of themes have you used for bridal or baby showers? How’d you make it special?

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