I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Jennifer Windram! Thank you, Jennifer! This is all so very exciting! I am really honored!


The award is a way to recognize new bloggers and encourage people to visit new and interesting blogs. It’s bloggers supporting each other!

First, I must answer the following questions given by Jennifer:

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Giant Granny Square Baby Blanket

What better to accompany a diaper cake than with a handmade blanket! I had a couple of days before my friend’s daughter would receive her gift, so I thought to make a quick and easy stroller blanket. It takes just an evening or two to crochet and you can watch TV, too, while making it. I think I caught up on Breaking Bad while making it!

This little blanky gave the presentation just so much more delightfulness.

Baby gift montage

Baby gift montage

There are a million instructions out there on how to make a granny square. So, this is my rendition. I can’t claim it as my own pattern. I can only guess some lady named Granny came up with it!

lavender with fuschia trim granny blanket

Let’s crochet this stroller blanket!

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