Tissue holder for the Sneezy McSneezerson

My baby sister, who is the biggest supporter of my blog, has the sneezies. In the last several years she has developed allergies to many things. Thus, she is prone to hyper sneezing. I feel for her, since half the year I’m using some kind of allergy medication with the letter “D” attached to the end of it. Guess it runs in the family!

In appreciation for the support and encouragement for my blog, I decided I would make this tissue holder I found on Pinterest. Here’s what I came up with.


Tissue holder

I did have to make some modifications though because I wanted to use these strips of fabric that I originally intended for something else that has been long since forgotten.


Coordinated fabric strips

Because the strips of fabric didn’t match the dimensions perfectly, I sewed them together to create a greater area of fabric and then I top stitched it. Adding the top stitch makes it look like it was more on purpose than having the back of the project look like an “oops”.


two strips sewn together then top stitched

Again, I had to sew strips together to get the right sized fabric for the front pieces. I added top stitching to each of those.


I also added a loop so I can attach a removable key fob.  Make sure to sew the loop to the right side of the back piece first before pinning the front pieces.


I used a 1.5 in. x 2 in. piece of fabric for the loop, pressed in quarters lengthwise and top stitched


Sew the loop to the right side of the back piece


After the loop is sewn in, then place the first piece over it, right sides facing each other


Lay the 2nd piece over the first piece and back piece horizontally


Lay the 3rd piece vertically over the 2nd piece


Lay the 4th piece over the 3rd piece, and UNDER the first piece. Pin and sew all the way around.


I found this key ring at Walmart and the clip on Etsy

Before I knew it, I was finished! Extremely satisfying.  Made another one. Working on mom’s and middle sister’s next!


One for you and one for me!


View of the backs of these nifty things!

I’m excited to give it to her on Wednesday when she comes by for a visit!  I’m pretty sure she won’t be surprised, though, because she’ll see it here.  Spoiler alert, S (I’m going to refer to her as “S”)! The surprise will have to be which one she gets!

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