DIY – Minecraft sword and pick ax

I have two boys and they love the Minecraft. If you don’t know what that is, cherish it. For those familiar, believe me, I’m not a hater, I just wish it didn’t turn my kids to maniacal zombies.

We were at the mall the other day doing some relaxed school shopping. Looking at sneakers, putting them on, then running all over the store, being sure they “make me run fast”,  wrestling, that sort of thing. After buying some shoes, we mozied on into the Hot Topic store and encountered an entire rack dedicated to all things Minecraft. My 6 year old saw this:



This one is for sale at Urban Outfitters for $26

and mildly begged me for it. I don’t remember the price at the store, but online at Hot Topic it’s on sale for $17.15. That, my frugal friends, is not on sale enough for me. Even for my cutey 6 year old’s face. It is essentially foam board cut into a pixellated sword.

Hearing the words of my mom echo in my head, I proclaimed, “I could make that!”

As soon as we were home I got to work. I found this youtube video. Pretty easy. Well, mostly easy. The video led me to this printable for the sword and this printable for the pick ax.

The instructions state to convert the images into PDFs and then in  ‘Print Settings’ under ‘Page Scaling’ choose ‘Tile Large Pages’.  Then set Tile Scale to: 100%. Sometimes, I hate technology. (First world problem).

Needless to say I had trouble doing said instructions. I wanted this to be a project I could complete by the next day. I wanted my boys to come down the stairs wide-eyed and ready to stab each other with swords and mine some red diamonds or whatever with their pick axes in REAL PRETEND LIFE, not on the Xbox. What to do?

I chose not to troubleshoot, chose not to search the web for why my computer all of a sudden doesn’t give me the option to Save As PDF even though I have done it a million times before today, chose not to give in to another time suck. Necessity is the mother of invention. I just copied and pasted the picture on to a MS Publisher document. Chose a 22×17 in poster, stretched to fit and hit print twice. The printer automatically printed it in a tile format. Thanks, Skynet.

I cut everything out, and placed it like puzzle pieces on a large piece of corrugated cardboard (I didn’t want to spend money on foam board, or leave the house again) and used a box cutter to trim it out. Then I glued the other side.


Swords and pick axes

After I made the first sword, my 8 year old, who seemed indifferent the entire time I was making it, instantly was like, “I want one! And a pick ax, too!” To which the little one chimed in with, “Don’t forget to make MY pick ax!” I liken it to how Hatori Hanzo must have felt when he had to make the Kill Bill sword for the Black Mamba. (I just let my geekiness peek out!)

My hands are sore, but my boys have mined their haul of REAL PRETEND obsidian. Totally worth it!


6 thoughts on “DIY – Minecraft sword and pick ax

  1. This is my one of my favorite posts. Which is because of the story behind this not the actual thing you made. Everything made me smile. You thinking of mom and saying I can make that! Remember when we used to secretly roll our eyes at that and now we firmly stand behind it? I also love how the older one wanted one after he saw your creation and them fighting over making sure they get a unique one. Ah, so many other things I can point out about this that I love 🙂

    • Aww! Well, yes, this was more about the story and the triumph of being uber cool mom for a hot minute than it was about making the things. “Turning into your mother” is a good thing more often than not, right?!

    • Thank you! Most of the things I create haven’t been “boy” approved (at least not for my boys) for a long time. Since babyhood and toddlerhood I’ve made stuff for them, but alas they are outgrowing me and it’s just not “cool” for them anymore. So I just had to share/relive my triumph of making something for my little guys and feeling the greatest satisfaction that they love what I made for them!

      • Of course you had to share that story! Great for other parents to be inspired from as well. Plus I bet both of your boys have very jealous friends now, who want their mothers to make minecraft swords.

  2. OH Thank you !! My daughter wanted this exact costume from Hot Topic (for a Halloween costume). Yesterday I bought the Steve head, but didn’t want to pay almost $30 for a foam sword! So grateful for this post!

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