DIY – Anthropologie inspired paper garland

I like to make banners and garlands to add a little touch of extra moxie to my special people’s birthday. Nothing too ostentatious, just a bit of something so they feel cherished. It was my mom’s birthday this past weekend so I put this garland and banner together.

paper garland and banner

paper garland and banner



I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. Instructions are from Bird’s Party blog. The tutorial is more of a guideline as this is the type of project to “get the essence of” rather than try to replicate.


picture from Bird’s Party Blog

This garland came to be from inspiration from an Anthropologie window display.


Picture from Bird’s Party Blog

My inspiration from another inspiration garland is less intricate namely because I didn’t have as much paper and I had a short window of time to create it. I love how it turned out, regardless! I think I will save them for maybe a swag for Easter. The tutorial calls for cutting strips of paper into 1.5 inches wide. In the future, when I make another one of these (maybe in Christmas colors or maybe in black for Halloween) I will cut the strips to 1 inch widths. To me, I think it would be just as pretty and you would get more yield of paper strips.

What kinds of decorations do you make for your special people’s birthdays?


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