Gussied up monogrammed bath towels and embroidered kitchen towels – bead stash bustin’

A few birthdays ago, my hubby gave me a 4-1 Futura Singer Sewing Machine. That contraption can kick a** and I haven’t even learned half of what it is capable of doing. I just bought some bathroom towels on sale at Big Lots. $5/bath towels and $4/hand towel minus 20% off! As Chandler from Friends would say, “Whoop pah!” I also bought four kitchen towels at Walmart for $1.48 each! Another WHOOP PAH! To give them just a touch of pizzazz, I embroidered them on my sewing machine.


I’ve been seeing a lot of those Live, Laugh, Love quotes all over Pinterest. Since I had that fourth towel, I added “Eat a lot”. I figured, intuitively, we would all like to “Live well, laugh often, and love much”, right? Well, let’s “EAT a lot”! In retrospect, “LEARN” something or to that effect going with the “L” theme might’ve worked, too. Next time.


The “LIVE” towel is slightly discolored because I used it! It was a little wet. Crafts that are functional. What a concept!


I added little beaded embellishments because that’s what I have lying around…haphazardly. Decided that these beaded dealies needed to be bracelet length so they can pull double duty.


Let’s make these beaded bracelets!

Materials needed:

Stretch Magic cording


Beading needle (optional)

Measuring tape



Cluttery workspace optional

I decided that I wanted 2 matching sets of bracelets, with each set containing 3 bracelets. In other words, six total.  I made sure that I had enough beads to make both sets. Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve jumped into a project without first verifying I had everything.


An average bracelet diameter is 7.5 inches. Measure a length of Stretch Magic about twice that. Don’t be like me and try to go the stingy route and measure only about 12 inches. You’ll want a little extra bit of length for something to hold on to when you tie them together.

Stretch the elastic a few times to condition it.

String the beads until the piece measures 7.5 inches.


Tie it in a knot. Stretch the cord each time a knot is made.


One bracelet comes full circle! Make a bunch more!


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