Blingified! – DIY Strassed Cap

cubs8 It is to my great fortune that both my begats ended up on the Chicago Cubs team for Little League baseball. (The older one in machine pitch and the younger in coach pitch.) I could totally justify buying a Cubs cap and T-shirt to hubby! So, I made my purchases online.

Here’s the “before” picture of the cap from the website. I prefer military style caps over traditional baseball caps because I like the shorter bill. Cute, huh?


Picture of cap I purchased online


Close up of Cubs patch – looks sparkly

Here’s what I actually received.


Actual Cubs cap – Before


Cubs patch logo – Before

The sequins are quite lack luster and there were weird bald spots on the patch. The hat felt like it fit nicely however I didn’t notice the odd fit on my head until the hubby cheekily asked me, “Are you fighting for the Union? Where’s your musket?” Much to my dismay, I looked like a Civil War reenactment reject.

In an effort to detract from the stove top look, I decided to add the crystals as the hat’s focal point.

Let’s bling this cap!

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DIY Shrinky Dink Pendant – Pin Recreation #3

Several weeks ago, I created a pin board on Pinterest entitled “Pin it, Wear it” for a contest Favecrafts was hosting. I then challenged myself to re-create everything I pinned on to that board. I’ve deduced that I have some lofty goals, now that I’ve taken the time to review them. I’m a bit nervous.

So, you can just imagine when I picked this project, I thought this one was going to be ridiculously easy. And it is…once I found the right materials. Let me back up for a moment. For those of you who don’t know, a shrinky dink  is a piece of plastic that is decorated and then baked in an oven to which the plastic ends up being approximately 1/3 its original size and 9 times thicker. Mind boggling, I know. It’s amazing. I love it. It was invented sometime in the 70s.


I wanted this to be a truly upcycled project. I didn’t want to go buy a Shrinky Dink kit, or go to a bulk store and buy containers. I wanted to find a container that would’ve been thrown away. After weeks of looking at the bottom of every plastic container I had, I finally found one!


At the bakery section of Ralphs, the pumkin chocolate chip cookies container had #6 on it! Cookies and a shrink medium. We won twice that day!


Let’s shrink the dink!

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