Golf Club Covers and a pattern review

My begats’ school has an annual golf tournament as a major fundraiser each year. When they reached out to the students’ families for donations, I thought to offer my services in making a memory T-shirt quilt and a set of golf club covers. This is the first time I’ve ever volunteered to make something to go up for bid so it’s a bit nerve wracking.

I found this pattern for golf club covers on ravelry from Chris Knits in Niagra. She calls them “Wood Hoods”.  Here’s what I actualized:


Not too shabby, huh?!


Here’s my review:

  • “If it’s free, it’s for me!” That’s my motto! Love free patterns. At every occasion I craft, I always attempt to obtain free patterns/instructions. There’s a bajillion of them out there. A little time invested in sifting through the yuck is well worth it.
  • This pattern is straight forward and easy to follow. I would consider this a good beginner project. However, I wouldn’t consider this a good “first ever” project. Make a few scarves and hats first!
  • This pattern is fairly adaptable for different sized yarns. Since the recipients of the covers are golf clubs and not people, fit isn’t terribly crucial. Swatching the felting portion is a good idea, though.
  • The blogger responds to questions and comments. It is my supposition doing things like that, makes a good blogger GREAT.
  • These are quick to whip up. Projects that take a couple of days or less get a gold star in my grade book!

Here’s my disclaimer:

No one asked me to review this pattern. Nor has anyone paid me to blog about it. I saw a pattern I thought was good and tried it out. These are my opinions about it. Ok, there!

Some added commentary:

I used whatever yarns that I had lying around in the stash. So the size needles I used were adjusted to fit the gauge. Felting is a fun process so long as you PLAN! I recommend making a tiny swatch and measure it. Then wash it the same way you plan on washing the finished project to see how much the felting process will shrink your work.

For the blue cover, I used a variegated color wool yarn (Lionbrand – Landscapes – Spring Desert) and blue fun fur. That gave it a nice soft muted multi-colored effect. I used the same wool yarn and red fun fur for the red cover. For the cream-colored cover, I used a thinner wool (I lost the label, so I don’t know the brand) and alternated rows of cream and beige fun fur. It kinda reminds me of an Ewok from Star Wars. (My inner geek just peeked through for a second there!)


I would definitely knit this project up again! Next time, I think I’ll attempt using two strands of fun fur. Perhaps for another, I’ll add other textural yarns and experiment with the felting process.

Interwebs, have you experimented with using different craft yarns with wool yarns and felted them? How did it turn out?

Cross your fingers that the club covers makes a little money for the school!

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