DIY Apothecary Jar – Dollar Tree hack

So being the Cheapy McCheaperson that I am, I thought that I’d cruise on over to the new Dollar Tree that opened up in the neighborhood.

With some couch change and a few crumpled bills, I came home with some pretty nifty items!

For $3 and some tax, I hacked together this apothecary jar.


Let’s hack this “apothecary jar”!

Turn your nose up and say it with a British accent. Now it’s sophisticated.

It’s so ridiculously simple,  it’s almost embarrassing.

Take a stout jar with a lid and put some candy in it.  Stack the jar on top of a candle stick. Stop the begats from eating all of the candy before a picture can be taken.


Glue it together if you want it to be more permanent or if Greg, Peter and Bobby Brady live with you (Mom always said “Don’t play ball in the house!”).
Otherwise, leave it how it is and you can change things around when it suits your fancy.

Apothecary jar brought to fruition! Cheerio!

2 thoughts on “DIY Apothecary Jar – Dollar Tree hack

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