Heart shaped crocheted wire earrings


Now that all the holiday stuff is put away and the shelves at Michael’s are picked clean of all the good Christmas stuff…who really wants the bent antlers attached to the Santa hat, even if it is 80% off? I’ve been feeling a yearning for the next holiday, Valentine’s Day! I know I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Martin Luther King, Jr. day, Ground Hog Day or Superbowl Sunday (which isn’t really a holiday! What?! Gasp!) But I just don’t have earrings to go with those days…yet. Until then, let’s make these earrings!

Materials needed:
– 24 or 26 gauge jewelry wire – if you have the strength to use a lower gauge wire, it will make for a more sturdy earring, however your fingers and nails will look terrible after! I don’t recommend wire higher than 26 gauge even if it is easier to work with as your earrings will become distorted quite easily.

1 – metal crochet hook size F, G or H – this will depend on how tightly you crochet wire. How you crochet yarn will not yield the same gauge in wire.

– 4 jump rings
– 2 french hook earring findings

– 2 eye pins or flat head pins (depending on the size hole of your focal beads)2
– 2 focal beads

– jewelry making tools like chain nose pliers, etc.

I’m assuming there is a basic knowledge of how to crochet. Although this is a crazy easy project, I don’t recommend this be a first crochet project. Practice with yarn first.

1. Make the hearts

  • With the wire allowing about a 3 inch tail, ch 4.3
  •  3 treble crochet in the 4th ch from the hook.
  •  In that same ch, 3 double crochet, chain 1, treble crochet. This makes half the heart!
  • Still in that same ch, ch 1, 3 double crochet.
  •   Still using that same hole, 3 treble crochet.
  •  Ch 3. Sl st into the top of the heart. Cut the wire leaving about a 3 inch tail.
  • Weave the tail carefully along the outer chains of each side of the heart. This will give the heart a bit for strength and stability. Be careful not to pinch, twist or bend too hard on the wire because it can distort and flatten its shape.
  • Make 2.
  • Reshape and manipulate the hearts ever so carefully so they are about the same size.10

2. Wire wrap the focal beads

  • Thread the focal bead onto the eye or head pin.
  • Using chain nose pliers, pinch the wire directly above the bead.
  • Push the wire so that it is laying perpendicular to the bead.
  • Using the round nose pliers, grasp the wire at the bend and pull the wire around the nose pliers making a C shape.
  • Reposition and pivot your pliers so the bottom tip is on the top.
  • Pull the wire around the nose of the pliers with either your fingers or another set of nose pliers until the loop is round.
  • Wrap the loop with the wire about 3 times.
  • Using wire cutters, cut the excess as close to the bead as possible.
  • With the chain nose pliers, tuck the sharp edge of the wire toward the bead.
  • Do this again!


3. Put the components together

  • To properly open up a jump ring, use chain nose pliers to  pull one end toward you and the other toward the back. Do not pull the ends away from each other.
  • Place the focal bead and the bottom of the heart onto the jump ring.
  • Close up the jump ring. Do this to the other heart and focal bead.
  • Open up another jump ring and add the french hook and the top part of the heart (where the curves meet). Do this to the other french hook and heart.


Heart earrings achieved! Now admire!

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