Memory Wire Hoop Earrings – Pin recreation #1

Favecrafts is having a “pinning and winning” contest through January 13. Like I need a contest to pin. Pshaw! The gist is to create a board, pin, hashtag them, and then you might win some crafty crap.

Being the overachiever (ahem) that I am, I thought I would take my pins to another level and actually make the things I’ve pinned. In other words, I will “pinduce” (pin + produce = pinduce).

I challenged myself  to recreate the 10 items I pinned.

Here is pinduction #1! Here is the inspiration pin along with instructions if you want to make them yourself.


Not too shabby! I used all materials that I already had. All the beads were upcycled from other costume jewelry that was given to me by a friend. These were made in less than an hour.

Some thoughts on this project:

– Memory wire is somewhat difficult to bend, it is, after all memory wire. Having the proper tools is paramount. Wire cutters and round nose pliers from the dollar section at Joann’s are NOT considered “proper” tools. Ask me how I know this.

– They suggest using a rubber earring back on one end of the hoop to prevent the beads from falling out when you are beading the earring together. It is better to just bend the wire on one end into a loop and wrap. Then bead.

– Get the manicure AFTER you make the earrings.

More pinductions to come!


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