Conversation Heart Tree – Another Dollar Tree Hack!

I’ve been seeing these styrofoam cones embellished with all sorts of crafty tidbits all over the pinterwebs, and let me tell you styrofoam cones are not cheap. I refuse to pay $6.99 for a foam cone even with a 40% off coupon. Still not a deal. Who knew foam cones were a racket?! Just when I was completely dismayed by the whole thing,  lo and behold, cones at the Dollar Tree!

I have to say that I am enamored with the new Dollar Tree in the outskirts of the neighborhood! Now, don’t get me wrong, the Dollar Tree isn’t the end-all-be-all of cheap and convenient shopping. Case in point, heavy-duty foil from the Dollar Tree is far from heavy duty. I’m not even sure it is aluminum. Zip lock baggies have faulty zippers. Dishwashing gloves last maybe 2 sinks full of dishes before disintegration. I had to try… hey, you can’t fault a girl for being frugal!



Let’s hack the conversation heart tree!

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DIY Apothecary Jar – Dollar Tree hack

So being the Cheapy McCheaperson that I am, I thought that I’d cruise on over to the new Dollar Tree that opened up in the neighborhood.

With some couch change and a few crumpled bills, I came home with some pretty nifty items!

For $3 and some tax, I hacked together this apothecary jar.


Let’s hack this “apothecary jar”!

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Valentine’s yarn wreath

My home is aching for some Valentine’s decor. Actually, I am aching to make my home more Valentine-y. It gives me a little outlet to bring out the girly-girl in me. Would you believe it? This project cost me zero doll hairs!


It could be a blue light special up in here for you if you opt to make your own wreath form! Even more satisfying for me is that I used up a lot of little bits of yarn. I have too many little UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) and tiny balls of yarn. UFOs frogged and tiny balls of yarn miraculously disappeared thanks to this project!

And to be even more smug about the whole thing… I made it in a couple of hours. Boo yah!

I first discovered how to make the base from this youtube video from Hectanooga1 when I made this Halloween yarn wreath.  The possibilities in making these wreaths are wonderfully endless!

Let’s make this wreath!

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Hootie booties – pin recreation #2

hoot8This is the 2nd project I’ve completed with my self-induced 10 pin challenge. The winner will be me because I am the only one competing!

So here is the pinspiration if you want to know what I started with.

I made some modifications to the original pattern. Thusly,  I am renaming them from “Grandma’s knitted slippers” to “Hootie booties”!  The size medium would have been large enough to fit my hubby’s size 11.5 feet and they were too bunchy at the toe. That’s with having the right gauge (I actually measured this time).

I had visions of padding sashaying around the house in these while performing modern and worldly acts. They belonged to me for all of 2 hours. My youngest begat was upset with me because I attempted to dislodge a loose tooth from his mouth. As payment for my miserable failure, he purloined them from me. He put on two pairs of socks, slipped them on and proclaimed them his. Boo.

Let’s make these booties!

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Heart shaped crocheted wire earrings


Now that all the holiday stuff is put away and the shelves at Michael’s are picked clean of all the good Christmas stuff…who really wants the bent antlers attached to the Santa hat, even if it is 80% off? I’ve been feeling a yearning for the next holiday, Valentine’s Day! I know I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Martin Luther King, Jr. day, Ground Hog Day or Superbowl Sunday (which isn’t really a holiday! What?! Gasp!) But I just don’t have earrings to go with those days…yet. Until then, let’s make these earrings!

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Memory Wire Hoop Earrings – Pin recreation #1

Favecrafts is having a “pinning and winning” contest through January 13. Like I need a contest to pin. Pshaw! The gist is to create a board, pin, hashtag them, and then you might win some crafty crap.

Being the overachiever (ahem) that I am, I thought I would take my pins to another level and actually make the things I’ve pinned. In other words, I will “pinduce” (pin + produce = pinduce).

I challenged myself  to recreate the 10 items I pinned.

Here is pinduction #1! Here is the inspiration pin along with instructions if you want to make them yourself.


Not too shabby! I used all materials that I already had. All the beads were upcycled from other costume jewelry that was given to me by a friend. These were made in less than an hour.

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Go see COWL!

Do you remember that car sales commercial with Cal Worthington and his dog Spot? Why did he  never have a dog with him? It was always a tiger or an orangutan. And for a million years I thought the lyrics were “Pussy cow, pussy cow, pussy cow!” I know, weird. I was like 6 at the time. My homage to you, Cal!

Go see COWL!

Let’s make this cowl!

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Fonzy’s striped Christmas sweater!

Fonzy's Christmas SweaterLook at this regal creature and how dapper he looks in his little striped sweater!

fonzy5Meet Fonzy, my mom’s darling rescue! In a lot of ways, they rescued each other.

To spare you from me becoming a weepy, drippy mess, I won’t go further on the whole rescue thing. Rather, let’s discuss his fun sweater.fonzy2 How can any one resist that mug?!

Let’s make Fonzy’s sweater!

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